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The Vision

In Habakkuk Chapter 2:1 It say’s ” Write the vision”

So this is the vision for our Church.

As Senior Pastor of this Church, God as implanted in my heart an awesome vision for this Church.
God wants a place where the captives will find freedom.

  1. – Freedom to be themselves and move into their own destiny.
  2. – Freedom from religious mindset, meaning believing and doing the word of God and not man’s doctrines.
  3. – Freedom from a sinful lifestyle by getting saved and walking in victory. Living the abundant life that Jesus shed His blood for.
  4. – Freedom from a depressed life.
  5. – Freedom From sickness and diseases.
  6. – Freedom from broken relationships.

I believe that God the Father wants a place where there is a feeling of joining a family, instead of just a place where people meet once a week, but feel they don’t really belong.

Where love is demonstrated and not just talked about.

A place of encouragement.
A place where you feel part of a team.
A place of servanthood. Serving, praying and being there for one another.